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Trading & Contracting

Caesars General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L.
The company was founded as a fielding company for tall the Caesars units in 1996. The company also trades in foodstuff such as High Quality Indian Basmati Rice, Sugar, Raisings, Mushrooms, Corn Oil, Ajinomoto, Cream Corn, Soya Sauce, Frozen food etc.
TEL. : (965) 22450504
FAX : (965) 22421361
EMAIL : ajwan@caesarsgroup.net


Ajwan International Co. ( Industrial Equipment )
Marketing industrial equipment such as Sandblasting Machines, Airless Spray   Painting Machines, Sabre breathing apparatus, Surface Preparation and   Measuring instruments and Industrial Safety items. In addition it also   markets Abrasive Blasting Materials (Omgrit, Garnet, Quartz Sand) Building   Materials, Hardware, Pneumatic/Air Tools, Diamond discs/wheels/blades/tools for marble industry etc.

Agents/ Dealers for:
 1) Wiwa GmbH, Germany
  2) Clemco International, Germany
  3) Elecktro Physik, Germany
  4) Oman Abrasives, UAE
  5) Buckleys (Uvral) Ltd, UK
 6) Exitflex (UK) Ltd. UK
  7) Multiflow Systems Ltd. UK
  8) Protector Technologies, UK
  9) Haldiamant
  10) Marmo Electromecanica, Italy -

 - Diamond Tools
 - Construction Equipments
 - Building Factories
 - Oil Fields Requirements
 - Civil Engineering
 - Chemicals

CONTACT (Showroom)
TEL. (965) 24816615
FAX: (965) 24846995

CONTACT (Mr. Izziddin Saadallah)
TEL. (965) 22450504 ext. 118
FAX :(965) 22421361
EMAIL : insajwan@caesarsgroup.net


AL Afrah AL Sharqiya General Trading & Contracting Co.

AL Afrah AL Sharqiya General Trading & Contracting Co.

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: Supplier & Stockist of GRP Materials & Chemicals for manufacturing boats, storage tanks, canopies etc.

POLYESTER RESINS for all applications Gelcoat & Topcoat,
Release Agent & Tools

Agent : Reichhold Inc. - www.reichhold.com
Major : Gulf Glass Fiber Tech. Industries Co. (Fibertech)
Suppliers - Shell Trading (Middle-East) Pvt. Ltd.
- Wacker-Chemie Gmbh - Cabot Gmbh
- Meguiar's Inc.   - Akzo Nobel
- NCS Resin

Engineering Products:
Supplier of Engineering Products & Contracting Services to oil & gas, power & petrochemical industries and to infrastructure projects, housing & commercial buildings projects etc. in Kuwait.
Engineering Products:
Pipes & Fittings - CS, SS, HDPE, UPVC, CPVC, PP-R, PEX, PB, Ductile Iron & Pressure Vessels, Valves, Flanges, Gaskets, Seals, Packing’s, Stud Bolts etc.

Agent / Distributor - Teekay Tubes Pvt. Ltd. Nava Bharat Ferro Alloys Ltd.
- Carborundum Universal Ltd.
- American Braiding & Mfg. Corpn. - www.abmco.com
- Seabed Scour Control Systems Ltd. - www.scourcontrol.co.uk
- Host International, Zenith Ltd.
- Kvaemer Powergas Ltd. - Performance Pipe - www.cpchem.com
- Gulf Plastic Industries Co. - www.gulfplas.com
We undertake sponsorship of reputed foreign companies’ in order to provide all sorts of Engineering services for projects in Oil & Power sectors, Government Agencies and others.

TEL. : (965) 22450504 ext.117
FAX : (965) 22421361

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